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New Old Methods: How holistic practices are being used to alleviate opioid addiction
Oct 19, 2016: Massasoit Tribune

…A nervous energy fills the room as first timers tense-up, legs fidgeting as their turn comes around. A clenched jaw eases with a wince, as the relief they came for sets in. Complete relaxation follows the insertion of the needle. It slides in almost unnoticed, especially for those who know the pierce of the hypodermic needle. The needles used at this acupuncture detox clinic are ten times thinner than that of the thick, hollow syringe… Read More

Soup’s On: The Budding Philanthropic Empire of Bridgewater’s Soupman
March 2019

…His acclaim has not come without some skepticism. He leans forward, gesturing with his hands when talking about a comment on his Facebook page. One user said he is only in it for the fame, and that his increased solicitation and social media presence is for personal gain.

“That pissed me off,” he said. “We wouldn’t be where we are if we don’t post this stuff.”

“It’s not about helping my cause. It’s about helping your fucking neighbors,” he said… Read More

Watching the Labor: The competing solutions to reform the service industry
December 2019

…From traditional, grassroots organizing efforts of groups like Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, to Department of Labor actions to change tipping rules, to smaller restaurants like Juliet in Somerville tackling the issues head-on, it appears that change is coming. The question is, what form is that change going to come?… Read More

Off Season In Moab
Spring 2019

I was just one of more than two million people to visit Canyonlands and Arches National Parks in Moab, Utah, that year. Only about 20,000 of those came in January, the off-month of the off-season. I heard the tires of another vehicle rolling up the long, paved road. A couple got out and snapped a picture, spoiling the mood for a moment, but quickly moved on.

I focused once again on the canyon. Tomorrow it would be off across the desert to Los Angeles, and San Diego, places where there is no off-season, but all I wanted to do was stay in Moab… Read More

MAKE BRAIN DAMAGE GREAT AGAIN: The putrid politics of Tuesday’s Save Youth Football spectacle
April 2019

…With statues of the American Revolution peering out from the shrubbery, this group of patriots were drawing a line in the sand and declaring to the tyranny of the state government that you shall not cross. Today they would be heard, that no fat cat under his golden dome or neurologist with their fancy pants Ph.D. would prevent their child from a life of impaired cognitive ability… Read More

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